Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

22 april, known as earth day..
Dunno earth knowing that or not but to night the sky so friendly
There is a full moon and of course the twinkle little star
To night i celebrate the earth day, on the road from home to my office
Hear a whisper said "Please take care our earth"


Anonymous theloebizz said...

dear earth...

very sorry for all the worst things we've done to u...
but would u promise me one thing please???
hang on there okay?? :)

23 April, 2008 22:35  
Blogger Vina Revi said...

Nice letter from the Loebizz.

25 April, 2008 13:53  
Blogger Anang said...

tanam satu pohon untuk satu orang.. hehe

25 April, 2008 22:57  
Blogger rinnie said...

a very cool posting!

06 May, 2008 09:25  
Blogger awi said...

selamat hari bumi, lebih baik telat daripada tidak sama sekali, met nonton euro 2008 ya

04 June, 2008 18:26  
Anonymous Obat Herbal Kanker Mulut Rahim said...

like it !!

30 January, 2013 13:58  

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